I Can Help You With That

Getting Stuff Done for the Movement

ICHYWT is a project to connect progressively-minded volunteers with social and economic justice organizations for task-based work.

About Us

Getting Stuff Done for the Movement.

A place for progressive organizations* (especially those addressing immigration, women's rights, civil rights, criminal justice reform and LGBT rights) to find like minded individuals for discrete tasks.

Please fill out the brief form below so we can begin to develop a repository of volunteers for progressive organizations.

For the time being, a small group of individuals will be playing match maker, introducing volunteers to organizations. Your information will not be shared publicly and will only be shared with vetted organizations upon your consent. Still, this is a googleform. Assume our government, the Russian government and wikileaks will read everything you say.

This form was created by long time activists, organizers and lawyers** ready to get to work.

*Organizations will be vetted by a small group of long time activists. Are you a group who wants to get involved? Have a question? Shoot an email to wecanhelpyouwiththat@gmail.com

**Specifically Marc Krupanski, Joe Phelan, Mariana Ruiz, Purvi Shah, and Sean Sullivan.